What are POD accounts?

POD is an acronym for Payable On Death. You can convert almost any account you own today, such as a savings account, checking account, or even an investment account, into a POD account. A POD account simple means that once you pass away, you designate a person to receive the funds in your account. This takes place outside of your Will and does not require court approval (probate).

The primary advantage of a POD account is that the beneficiary will have immediate access to the funds upon presentation of a death certificate without having to go through a probate process. Probating a Will can often times take a year or more to complete. Therefore, there is a rather substantial delay before the beneficiary will be able to access the funds you left them. Setting up a POD account is one of the most efficient estate planning mechanisms you can use to transfer money to a loved one quickly without going through the probate process.

To setup a POD account, you simply have to go to your bank or financial institution where you hold your account and let them know you want to convert your account to a POD account. The institution will ask you to fill out a beneficiary form specifying who you want to give the account to once you pass away. Once you complete the paperwork, you are all set.

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