Pro Bono

Gregory Cuvelier, Esq.

The image of Lady Justice and its symbolism have always inspired and guided me in my pursuit to become a lawyer.


The blindfold on Lady Justice represents objectivity and impartiality, that justice should be meted out without fear or favor, regardless of money, wealth, or power.


The scales represent the weighing of evidence, which must be measured on its own merit.


The sword represents enforcement and respect, signifying that justice can be swift and final. She holds the sword below the scales to show that evidence weighed on its merits in a court of law must come before final judgment.


The snake under her left foot represents evil and corruption, which she holds at bay while her right foot holds steady.


The book is the law. It is the constitution from which justice is administered.

Although the imagery and sentiment of jurisprudence are beautifully illustrated in this statue, there are times in life when it seems like there is no justice. When David is facing Goliath, when the wealthy and powerful are up against the indigent, or when a person is without the education, finances, or legal resources to fight back and stand up for their rights.

I view these occasions as an opportunity to help ensure there is justice in the world, regardless of a person’s status or financial position. I am dedicating a substantial portion of my practice to helping those in need. So, if you know of a person or a non-profit institution in need of legal assistance, please give me a call, and I would be glad to volunteer my efforts for any good cause, schedule permitting.

Please note, due to the amount of need, I am not able to help out in all circumstances, but promise to dedicate a substantial portion of my practice to pro bono services.

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